Welcome to the 2020 light show website

Our venture into automated christmas lights started back in 2013.  While cleaning out the attic at my parents home I found an old Christmas display that was built by my dad when he was a teenager.  It was a hand made box about four feet long with individual lighted cells.  He then hand painted glass inserts for each cell that spelled out "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and by changing the glass inserts after Christmas he could spell "HAPPY NEW YEAR".  The lights were "automated" (see picture) with a small motor and a series of cams and switches to turn on each letter in sequence and then flash the entire message three times before starting over again.  I spent many hours refurbishing the sign and repainting the letters but I was never able to get the little timer motor to work again.  My brother suggested I connect the bulbs to a Light-O-Rama controller to get the same effect.   I took his advice, bought two controllers and automated the sign and a few other Christmas lights and the first show in 2013 was born.  You can check out the sign and the first show in the "History" link videos.  Since then I have added lights and controllers and upgraded software each year until now I have close to 50,000 lights and 600 channels of control.
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